Domestic And International Business Porcelain/Vitrified Tiles

Domestic Market Best Porcelain/Vitrified Tiles Laffans Granito has a wide network of dealers for domestic sales across India. From the chilly climes of Jammu-Kasmir to the sweltering humidity of Kanyakumari, from the dry Rann of Kutch to the wet climes of Arunachal Pradesh, we supply our best quality tiles all around the country. It is a point of pride and great priority to provide our clients the best vitrified tiles in the business. Our vast network of sales engineers for pre and post sales ensure that our dealers and clients are never without requisite service.

Our wide-spread presence in the domestic market has ensured that our clients, over and above getting the best vitrified tiles in the business, can also avail regular servicing facilities. We ensure that our team is updated with each of our clients requirements and make sure they provide the best possible inputs and options. Our priority is simple, we want to ensure that our clients have the best vitrified tiles around and that they never want for regular servicing and upkeep. From regular porcelain ceramic tiles to textured porcelain floor tiles, we provide an exhaustive range of products for our discerning clients.

Export Market Best Porcelain/Vitrified Tiles

We export 25% of our production all over the world. One of our prime export markets is Latin American countries. Some of our biggest business comes from countries like Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia. Our trade relations with these countries have only increased on account of our high standards of quality and stringent management standards. We also export our products to the Middle Eastern countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, United Arab and other neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan.

We also have a considerable foothold in the African continent. We managesales in countries like Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe as well as Ethiopia. We also supply the best vitrified tiles to Poland, Ukraine, France and Romania making Europe one of our most influential markets. We strive to provide our clients the best vitrified tiles and textured vitrified tiles in the business so as to help them up the value of their products and properties. There is a certain adage that we follow at Laffans Granito, no rest until we give it the best.

The dispatch centre for Laffans Granito Pvt. Ltd. is located about 184 kms from Mundra port, the largest port in India. Well connected, the port is easily accessible by road and its geographical proximity and easy connectivity ensure minimum time lag for a shipment. The port of Mundra is frequented by all major shipping lines and provides flexibility in choice of lines that can be used to send shipments across the world without any obstacles. At Laffans Granito we make it a point of pride to be timely in our deliveries and provide the requirement when and where required.

From providing the best textured porcelain floor tiles to nano vitrified tiles, we provide an exhaustive range of products. Each of these ranges can be customized to fit any space and add to it a certain sheen of quality. We know that it is never just about the product but also about the standard of service that comes along with it. That is something we pay particular attention to. Our efficient delivery system coupled with the strategic location of our dispatch centre make sure that all of our deliveries reach the desired location at the pre-appointed time. Our textured porcelain floor tiles are one of the biggest selling products, often times there are certain deliveries that need to be made at the last minute. At times like these it is our location and stringent logistics management that helps us deliver the best porcelain tiles to our clients around the world.

We provide minimum turnaround time on export orders as we have separate plants for export requirements, we also have a separate back up team for Post Shipment Documentation. This ensures that everyone associated knows the demarcation of jobs and allows for complete knowledge of who is handling who. Our dedication to timely delivery and providing a minimum turnaround time as a priority has made us a favourite among our clients and has earned us a lot of goodwill. Everyone on the team of Laffans GranitoPvt. Ltd. strives hard every day to ensure that our clients receive only the best products from our company. We add to that a sincere dedication to timeliness and an unparalleled work ethic. This is only boosted further by, what are simply the best vitrified tiles and textured porcelain floor tiles in the business.